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Harnessing the Power of the Cloud

By Cloud team

Looking Up At the Cloud

Since people ventured back into their homes to work remotely, pass their time on social media, shop for necessities and connect with peers, collaborative tools picked up pace. One thing linked to all these activities together was—the power of Cloud. These tools were always available but the outbreak of the virus maximized its potential which was boosted by the strong presence of Cloud Services that were available in the market.

For example, who would have imagined that fans could virtually cheer at their favorite sporting events? Yet, it is a reality today ever since the NBA has partnered with Microsoft for their Teams-based, AI-based Together Mode that will project animated audience on 17 feet tall video boards. The NBA came to a halt because of the massive spread of COVID19 in the month of March, however they’ve gathered themselves together simply by leveraging Cloud-based technologies.

Leveraging on new breed of cutting-edge Cloud technologies like Data Processing, Machine Learning, IoT, AI, DevOps, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Blockchain and RPA among others have enabled many service providers or software companies to deliver quicker solutions to the current market needs. These evolving times have accelerated Cloud adoption or have at the very least initiated boardroom discussions.

New Generation of Cloud Services

There is an accelerated change in the direction that Cloud services are headed to. Early adapters of the Cloud were satisfied with infrastructure-based services that were easy to procure, and offered auto-scalability and flexibility. However, what we see today is a new generation of Cloud Services. Cloud Service providers are now migrating from offering basic infrastructure services to Managed Services and are targeting data-focused, Machine Learning and IoT accelerators.

These new offerings have significantly reduced the time to market for most software services or products making it look like an easy job. However, the speed has to be backed by a team armored with the understanding of these Cloud Services. And even though Managed Services can be spun and made ready to use by novice users, making them optimized for cost, performance and security is a game reserved for the pundits. Adding compliance requirements like data sovereignty, security or industry specific ones like PCI, HIPAA etc., can make each requirement and solution a unique need that demands to be crafted with careful thought.

Venturing Out Under Cloud

Recent global events and associated business challenges have been a catalyst for many organizations to adapt to a digital workplace culture. This has accelerated organizations’ move to re-think its Cloud strategy. Focus for many companies has shifted, to ensure viable business and also provide same customer experience to clients and its employees- virtually.

Many organizations are rejoiced to adapt to new Cloud technologies and deploy them to solve specific issues. However, we believe that key to Cloud success is to have right cloud strategy that drives business value. Thus, there arises an increase in demand for Robust Cloud Services ecosystem and spectrum of services to enable rapid IT response. We continue to help our customers to navigate this experience smoothly via providing—low cost Cloud Migration packages, Plug and Play framework like digital workforce, more agility in Cloud setup which can change quickly as per client demand, Advanced Security for increased digital footprint, customized Cloud Computing offerings, effective infrastructure and monitoring, cost effective disaster recovery and advanced AI and ML led models to maximize gains and automation.

Current situation has turned Cloud into an ‘essential service’ for many organizations, a continued investment in this area which presents the opportunity for long term growth and stability.

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