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Embrace Technology

By Debasis Ray

Embracing technology has always been a key part of strategy. When Robert Iger took over as the CEO of the Walt Disney Company, he saw intense competition and technology that changed in a blink of an eye. All of this triggered him to take the world’s most admirable company to its next level to make it even more magical. But how does this story bring one to understand the depth and translate it for the practical working world? For better insight, this notion requires segregation of views in three buckets

Horizon View

  • This view mesmerizes people. Almost like sunrise in the horizon—far but exciting and beautiful.

Driving View

  • This applies to our everyday ride, maybe within the visibility of a mile with twists and turns. One knows how to reach there soon and can manage to get over the hump on the go.

Myopic view

  • This is like working without glasses if one has myopia and the view is only 1 to 4 feet. This is always in use whether for writing, typing or reading.

To take it to the next level and understand it deeply, AI-driven automated CI/CD is beautiful in the far horizon, but it is a long-term goal to achieve. One needs to keep an eye on it and prepare for it.

Containerization, orchestration-driven highly scalable ecosystem expedites digital transformation of business and is the driving view. We must reach there.

Broken CI/CD, monolith codebase, old technology, etc. belong to the myopic view; they are close and need to be dealt with every day. One needs to keep trying to improve the driving view.

What’s more interesting is what Robert Iger thinks, “Disruption is a strategy but to disrupt, one has to embrace technology and for that the immediate bottom-line will be impacted for long term survival and larger growth”

Most of the times, myopia does not let us have a better driving view; thus, the horizon gets blurred. 

Tags: technology, emerging technologies, AI