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With the holiday season upon us, I started thinking about how service teams are doing. How are they working together? Do they...

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At this decade’s start, mortgage rates saw historic lows. But in 2021, housing demand far exceeded the supply, causing market...

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As the pandemic slows down and we learn to live with it, weekend recreation and shopping are steadily returning to normal. The...

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In today's competitive environment, software-driven businesses are looking for ways to consistently deliver good quality products...

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As the barriers to digital entry continue to shrink, new-age technologies continue to provide a variety of capabilities that...

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By Debasis Ray On July 27, 2020

Embrace Technology

Embracing technology has always been a key part of strategy. When Robert Iger took over as the CEO of the Walt Disney Company, he...

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Technology is changing the society; it is embedded in everything we do, improving the ways we work, live, and experience this...

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Outlining key business outcomes and working backwards to adopt agile methodologies with the right mix of technology will help...

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