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4 ways to embrace digitalization and reap the benefits

By ServiceNow Blog

Digitalization is a strategic business objective in 80% of organizations, according to OCEG research sponsored by ServiceNow. Digitalization can have a significant impact on all areas of business, from risk and service operations to customer service.

No matter where your organization is in its digital transformation journey, here are four resources that can help:

1. Digital-first customer service

Digitizing customer service offers numerous benefits: faster resolution times, more options for customers to communicate with your organization, and higher customer satisfaction as a result. Yet, according to an NTT study, 41% of companies still manage their digital channels in silos. This makes it difficult to track customer journeys.1

Hear from a Forrester Research analyst about how — and why — you should digitize your customer service. She'll discuss findings from Forrester’s How to Reinvent Customer Service to Be Digital-First report.


2. AI-powered chatbot

In a world where customers are quick to jump to a competitor if they have a bad experience, why not empower them to get answers fast through self-service? ServiceNow Virtual Agent is an AI-powered chatbot that helps deliver real-time self-service.

Using Virtual Agent, employees and customers can get what they need, when they need it through personalized experiences and natural language understanding. Find out more of the benefits in our Jump-start your digital transformation webinar. 


3. Automatic issue detection

Artificial intelligence has broad appeal and applications across an organization. Implementing it in service operations, for example, can lead to faster and easier issue resolution. Using a single system, ServiceNow Predictive AIOps is able to automatically detect anomalies, resolve issues, and prevent outages.

In Predicting issues, reducing complexity, and empowering self-service, three Predictive AIOps experts discuss how this proactive approach can benefit organizations.


4. Risk management

Although digitalization improves data control, it also increases your potential risk surface. Keeping your business secure in this environment is paramount. The Impact of digitalization on your enterprise risk profile examines the findings of the OCEG research study mentioned above. 

Find out how other companies are managing digital risk and how your organization can identify, assess, and decrease your risk profile using risk management technology.

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